Does your roof need inspected before it's too late? 'Drone Roof Inspections' is a new service being offered by Peter O'Hara Photography.

It is easy to forget about the roof on your home or commercial premises until it starts leaking through age and weathering. You should get it inspected regularly so as to prevent large repair bills down the line.

4k video and/or high resolution images can be provided.

Advantages of a drone roof inspection include:-
* Inspections can be carried out without ladders or scaffolding thereby minimising health & safety risks and also scaffolding costs.
* Inspections can be carried out quickly, saving time and money.
* Before you buy a property an inspection might reveal a defect to a roof, chimney, skylight, lead flashing or guttering and you can use this for negotiation purposes.
* Can provide photographic evidence to your insurers that your roof was in a good state of repair before a storm.

Call Peter O'Hara Photography Tel: 07778570892 or email [email protected] for further information and'll be pleasantly surprised with the cost.