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Peter O'Hara Photography - specialists in Golf Course photography
We are based in the Belfast area and undertake work throughout the UK and Ireland.
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Farnham Estate GC - 6th HoleFarnham Estate GC - 4th HoleHilton Templepatrick - 13th HoleAllen Park GC - 1st GreenHilton Templepatrick - 10th HoleFarnham Estate GC - 14th HoleRockmount Golf Club - 12th HoleFortwilliam Golf Club - 8th HoleAllen Park GC - 9th GreenFarnham Estate GC - 2nd HoleHilton Templepatrick - 18th HoleRockmount Golf Club -18th HoleFortwilliam Golf Club - 4th HoleRockmount Golf Club - 14th HoleFarnham Estate GC - 10th HoleAllen Park GC - 17th GreenHilton Templepatrick - 14th HoleFarnham Estate GC - 11th HoleRockmount Golf Club - 13th HoleFortwilliam Golf Club - 16th Hole